Dear Parents,
As third grade students in Sept. 2017, children are provided the opportunity to study an orchestral instrument from the string family—violin, viola, cello, or bass—each of which the children have observed at a demonstration. In our present society, performance opportunities on stringed instruments span far beyond the classical symphonies into the areas of rock, jazz, fiddle, and pop cultures—and to undergraduate string programs at most colleges. It is quite a privilege to study a stringed instrument in Upper Dublin School District, and thriving string groups exist in all of the UD schools through to UDHS.

The string instruments are available in sizes to accommodate each child’s needs.
The approximate amount based on 2016-17 prices for an instrument rental is as follows:
Group A Group B Group C
Violin/Viola Cello Bass
School Year 9 -Month Lease* $140 $190 $260
Initial 4.5 Month Lease ($39) ($90) ($140)
Necessary Teaching Accessories*(Complete) $40 $40 $40
Total Amount for school year(tax not included )$180 $230 $300 for one year.

*The book, CD, DVD, and music stand are yours to keep.
*A 9 month rental is highly recommended for a complete school year of instruction and performance at both winter and spring concerts. You may wish to start with a 4.5-month lease; however, after the initial rental period is over sometime in January, you will be charged a higher monthly rental fee.)

Please feel free to phone or e-mail me if you have any questions that require additional information. I am looking forward to working with you child in the fall 2017.

Mrs. Mae Huang