Orchestra is a full credit class. Orchestra grades are based on the following criteria:

Class attendance 35%

Ten points per day will be given to students who arrive at the classroom by 2:10 pm. and be seated with all the supplies, materials and equipment by 2:15 pm.

Class participation/performance 20%

Five points per day will be given to students who have all required class materials and actively participate in class activities. A forgotten instrument may result in the loss of all participation points for that day. Activity that is distracting or disruptive to classroom will also result in lost points.

Homework (15%)

Students are required to submit the recording to the goolge class according to the due day.

Playing test 30% (1st and 3rd quarters only)

Playing tests are taking place during the first and third quarters only. The grade will be given based on the rubric that shows on the following page. Students need to schedule a ten-minute time slot with the instructor for the individual test. Although seating in class may rotate, playing tests will determine seating order for performance within each section.

Concert Dress rehearsal and Concert 30% (2nd and 4th quarters only)

Concert dress rehearsal always schedule at the same day of concert. Dress rehearsal attendance counts for a portion of the concert grade. In the event a student misses dress rehearsal without an excuse, he or she may not be permitted to play in the concert.
Evening concert, students should report to the designated area according to the request from the instructor. If the transportation is an issue for the evening concert, please contact Mrs. Huang in the earliest convenience, so the carpool can be arranged for the performer.