Orchestra Classes:
ยท A and C Days: 1:28-2:18 (UA#2 Period)

Concerts Participation:
Performance/concert is the ultimate goal of Orchestra. It is equal to the major unit exam in other subject areas. Therefore, attending performance/concert is mandatory and graded. For any unexpected family situation on the day of concert, a phone call or an email is respectfully asked to be given to the instructor prior to the performance time. Unexcused absences from performance/concert will result the subject to a failing grade of zero for that activity.

Concert Dress:

Students are expected to show respect to themselves and others by dressing appropriately for concerts. Please be prepared and plan ahead when choosing your concert attire.
Black shirt or tuxedo shirt
Black shirt or blouse
Black pants (No black jeans)
Black knee length or longer skirt or black pants with black or skin colored hose/tights
Black socks and black shoes
No black or dark color sneakers
Black or dark dress shoes
No flip-flop