Our Mission

The mission of the Sandy Run Outstanding Orchestra is to provide a quality instrumental music education for students. The program is dedicated to fostering aesthetic growth as an essential part of a child’s total education. And it is to develop the highest possible level of musical achievement through a comprehensive curriculum, in keeping with interest, needs and abilities of our students. To do our best as an orchestra, both individual and group responsibility are required on a daily basis in order to reach our missions.

Expectations and Rules

1. Students will attend all rehearsals unless the student is absent from school.
2. Students are to be in orchestra room (Room 407) by 2:10 PM
3. Students will bring the instrument and supplies to rehearsals.
4. Students will show respect for all orchestra equipments, supplies and facilities.
5. Students will exhibit active listeners in rehearsal.
6. Students will demonstrate an excellent attitude during the class.
7. Students are discouraged to use orchestra class time as make-up test or study time for another class. It is the student’s responsibility to inform teachers that you are in the orchestra class and you must make other arrangements.
8. Students will communicate with the teacher for an * excused absence prior to the rehearsal.
9. Students are permitted to withdrawal from orchestra class during the weeks of 10/06/14-10/10/14 and 01/19/15-01/23/15. A “D” will be issued if a student withdrawals the class beyond these two-week windows.
* Each student allows asking up to TWO excused absences per quarter. Students must turn the form in with signatures from teacher prior to the date of absence in order to receive the full credit. Excused absence does NOT apply two weeks before the concert date. Returning the unused Excused Absence forms will be granted for 5 bonus points each quarter.